Korean Language Program

The Korean Language Program, offered by the Geumgang Language Center, is open to those foreign students, including ethnic Koreans, who are interested in the Korean language and culture. Applicants must be fluent speakers of English, Japanese, or Chinese, and they should

(1) be currently enrolled in university studies,
(2) be on leave from university studies, or
(3) have graduated from university.

This program has primarily been designed with a view to promoting a better understanding of Korean culture on the part of foreigners and to creating an environment where Korean students will be exposed to foreign languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese) and cultures.

Admission to the Program

The successful applicant will be offered a furnished dormitory room, which is shared with a Korean student, and provided with free meals in the school cafeteria. Moreover, they will receive further financial support provided that they meet the scholarship regulations of the Geumgnag Language Center.

I. Application and Screening Procedure
A. Documents Required
(1) A completed application form with scanned photo (download)
(2) A dormitory application form (download)
(3) A statement of purpose (download)
(4) Student consent form (download)
(5) An official academic transcript from the last school attended.
(6) A copy of the applicant’s passport and (if possible) alien registration card
(7) Recommendation
(Cool A certificate of health (Tuberculosis (TB) and Hepatitis A,B,C, HIV testing are required)
B. Screening
(1) Screening of the documents submitted
(2) Telephone interview
(3) Admission notification

C. After getting an admission
(1) 5 identification photographs (3cmx4cm)
(2) Health insurance plan for a student studying abroad (if available): Participants in Student Health Insurance Plan is mandatory for Geumgang University Korean Language Program students, unless proof of comparable coverage (effective for the full academic year in Korea) is presented. In the absence of a waiver, your portion of the insurance will be assessed when you arrive on campus. The approximate rate for a full academic year is 130~150 USD, which is subject to change depending on currency fluctuation.

II. Program Description
The Korean Language Program is offered twice a year during the spring semester and the fall semester, each of which consists of a 16-week session. Classes are offered at three level: beginner, intermediate and advanced level of proficiency. After successfully completing each level, students will receive a certificate of completion.

A. Levels Offered
(1) Beginner Level
(2) Intermediate Level
(3) Advanced Level
B. Course Duration
(1) Spring session: Starts from March 1st and lasts for 16 weeks.
(2) Fall session: Starts from September 1st and lasts for 16 weeks.
C. Class Schedules
(1) Classes meet four days a week, from Tuesday through Friday.
(2) Korean Cultural classes are offered once a month.
D. Tuition and Scholarships
(1) Tuition is free for all participants in this program.
(2) Participants in this program may receive up to as financial support 200,000 Korean won every month.

III. Further Information
For further information, please visit the home page (http://www.ggu. ac.kr) or contact, keun seok Kim at:

E-mail: joey@ggu.ac. kr
Telephone: +82-41-731-3583
Fax: +82-41-731-3585